Over against Happiness and Sadness ! 

Looking at the real aspects which are interdependent with of a coin, a phase of life which gives you sometimes happiness and sometimes sadness are over and above same as a coin. A normal human being life doesn’t get you a more of happiness or sadness. A life is equally divided with a Path of happiness and as of sadness. Happiness and sadness are a result of the phase compleat by an individual and it’s truly KARMA. Happiness  and sadness are the aspects of feelings connected to our life. 

Happiness and sadness aren’t a individual result. They are always connected with the surroundings. Someone’s happiness may bring you sadness and someone’s sadness may bring you more of sadness. 
That is truly a concern of feelings and emotions people share amongst others. Happiness and sadness are even connected with of basic giving and taking. A person keen to charity may get lot of happiness on charity at the same time a person not interested in gets sadness. Fulfilling own likes may get you more happiness as of fulfilling someone else liking. Completing own dreams is rather more important as to see a long term happiness, situations make us do something is an expectational. The long term happiness is not as like a complete happiness, sadness is midair to happiness. But long term in sense of likeness to what is been done, and then that of just attempt. Gaining happiness is equivalent as earning bank notes. They are useless unless happiness. To achieve hight, sadness are equally engaged in manual labour. Sadness give you a direction to think on what to achieve and what to do next. But parallel happiness is to be gained to keep interest. 
Happiness and sadness are the feelings which cannot be achieved or loosed, which cannot be compared, they are simply connected with interest and disinterest of a life. Though they a very important aspects of a life.